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Pediatric Chiropractic at
Austin Chiropractic Health Center

Changing the Trajectory of Kids’ Lives

Adjusting boy's backDr. Schultze started with the goal of becoming a sports chiropractor. But when he experienced firsthand the life-changing benefits of pediatric chiropractic care, he switched his focus. To help set the foundation for kids to be as healthy as possible for life is his biggest reward.

By addressing biomechanical and neurological issues at a young age, we can help change the trajectory of kids’ lives for the better. Instead of waiting until they have decades of accumulated traumas, injuries and interference, we can take care of things before they become entrenched.

We love helping kids who have been told their genetics won’t allow them to do certain things. Helping kids do something they couldn’t do yesterday is a miracle for that child and their family.

Doctor with hands on child

Our Approach to Pediatric Care

The principle of pediatric chiropractic care is the same as for adults, except with much less force. At Austin Chiropractic Health Center, we are committed to ensuring every child is comfortable with the process before we adjust them.

Dr. Schultze is great at using silliness to help kids feel relaxed and comfortable, and he will behave in whatever way is most calming for your child. Some kids prefer quiet and serious, while others like a zanier approach—Dr. Schultze tailors his method to your child’s needs. We’ve adjusted kids out in the car, on the counter, in Mom’s lap, even on the exercise ball in our rehab room.

Once any initial nervousness has subsided, almost all of our pediatric patients look forward to coming in for care.

Putting Parents at Ease

Parents can also be a little nervous about pediatric chiropractic care. The question we get most is, “Is it safe?” The answer is yes! Chiropractic care is a safe, gentle, natural approach to helping children heal and function at their best without drugs or surgery.

Start Now

The earlier kids start receiving chiropractic care, the more we can help their nervous system remain healthy and interference-free, so they can adapt well to the stresses of growing up.

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