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About Austin Chiropractic Health Center

No Cookie-Cutter Treatment Plans

Mom and daughter on swingYou are unique, and even if you have the same condition as another patient, your symptoms will not be exactly the same, and neither will your goals—so why should your treatment be identical? At Austin Chiropractic Health Center, we see you as a whole, complete person, not just as your condition. We take the time to understand your goals and what you want to accomplish through care, and we work with you to meet those goals.

We design a care plan specifically for you. We always want to help patients understand that they have more control over their health than they may believe, and that chiropractic can help them achieve their goals in ways they may not have considered.

Our History

Dr. Harry Schultze started practicing in 2004, and we’ve been in our current location since 2012. He and his wife are originally from Round Rock, and they wanted to live near family and serve the community they love.

With his “dad joke” sense of humor, Dr. Schultze is great at putting patients at ease and sneaking some education into the conversation without being heavy-handed. Patients often don’t realize that we can help with more than just necks and backs—for example, we provide nutritional counseling, and we achieve great results with extremity issues like shoulder or knee injuries.

We Love Success Stories

Dr. Schultze has been privileged to help many patients overcome issues they thought were insurmountable. Some of the most rewarding instances involved helping kids with genetic conditions walk, when everyone told their parents they’d never be able to walk without assistance.

We love helping athletes recover and get back in the game after injury. We even had a patient who had lost bladder control for over a decade—after a few adjustments, the nerve interference was corrected and she regained normal bladder control.

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Goals

Dr. Schultze is committed to doing his best to help every patient meet their goals. We’d love to help you too. Contact us today to schedule.

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