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  • Average Life Span In 1900: 49
  • Average Life Span Today: 77.6
  • 85 in 100 adults currently experience back pain

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Patient Testimonials



I found Dr Schulz by accident while looking for help with a torn shoulder. I needed someone who was versed in active release techniques, shoulder rehab and kinesiology taping…He does them all. Dr Schulz opened the office for a non-client on a Saturday and fixed my shoulder up good. I was sold. I’m now going to him twice a week over the next 6 weeks for adjustments, taping and shoulder rehab.

The office is VERY nice, comfortable and the staff are great.


Barbara Rappaport



Dr. Harry and his staff are AMAZING!  From the welcome sign on my door on, this was the best experience I have ever had.  I walked in with excruciating lower back pain hardly able to sit to drive.  After my appointment with Dr. Harry, I had much less pain driving home.  The subsequent two days, I improved to the point of zero pain.  My range of motion is still limited, looking forward to my next appointment with Dr. Harry!  AMAZING!

Melinda O

What others have said…


Dr. Schultze,

I just wanted to say Thank You for the services you provided.  After my injury I was in a great deal of pain and unable to care for my kids or myself.  You helped me to a speedy recovery without the use of medication.  I can never thank you enough for your expertise and concern.

Michelle M.

Dr. Schultze,

I would have never expected to take an infant in for Chiropractic care.  However, after a difficult birth and obvious discomfort in my newborn I reluctantly agreed.  It was so obvious that she needed some assistance.  Not only did you help her, but you also taught me what to look for when she is distressed.  Now, whenever she cries and I’ve tried all the normal things, I know to come see you to get our happy baby back!  Thanks a million.

Matthew M.

We love Dr. Harry! My children have been to several chiropractors and they have screamed, cried or been highly uneasy at everyone.  I knew Dr. Harry was different when my son Devan (who had pneumonia at 7 weeks and 1 year of life and had screamed bloody murder at the previous chiropractor’s office) did not utter one peep when Dr. Harry adjusted him.  His pneumonia cleared up a day or two after without antibiotics.  My children think he’s one of them and they love him.  He respects them and he also has a blast with them.

Dr. Harry is also skilled with pregnant women and knows the wonderful Webster Technique to turn a breech baby.  As a childbirth educator, one of the first things I’d recommend a woman do to turn a breech would be chiropractic.  Dr. Harry worked on his wife whiled she was pregnant and knows the complaints and special needs of pregnancy.  He’s also great with my husband and his horrible back problems, which have been non-existent since Dr. Harry’s been treating him.

Dr. Harry encourages independent exercises to strengthen the body while also encouraging healthful eating. He has taught me many things about the importance of certain supplements, especially the needs of the pregnant woman.  My family and I value him both personally and professionally.

Bridget Brown, AAHCC
Bradley Method© Natural Childbirth Teacher

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